Monday, June 1, 2009

The efficiency of water-waving toilets

Now we all want to save money, time, and resources. So someone out there created this great invention-- a 2-way toilet flusher. Normally these flushers work as they should. Pull up for #1 (less water) or push down for #2 (I suppose that would be a "normal" flush).

But the whole point of this little device is to save water. To flush less water down the drain. So this only works if people only have to flush the toilet once! It doesn't work if the flush is so weak that you have to push the handle down 2 or 3 times. And then when someone else comes into the bathroom they approach the toilet and have to flush it once more before they do their duty.

People don't want to leave remnants in the toilet no matter how water-saving it is. Does maintenance just expect that this little water-saving handle will actually be more efficient in the long range? I don't think so. You know what's really efficient: just don't flush the toilet at all. Just let it sit all day like a Port-a-Potty and do one giant flush at the end of the day. Oh, or even better, why don't we just invest in the toilets of the developing world: holes in the ground. That sure will save a lot of water, huh?