Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Monthly Goal Meet-Up

I discovered the “Monthly Goal Meet-Up” group on Brazencareerist.com and at first assumed it was an actual meet-up in person in the flesh thing and felt so left out! Silly me; this is an online community after all.

So now I’m really quite relieved that I can join this already strong monthly goal group and I don’t have to start one myself. See, I’ve been telling myself for a few weeks now that I need just take a few minutes to write down my goals. I took the time to write 1 goal. And it was lofty. A “this is where I want to be in 1 year” kind of goal. That’s all fine and dandy, but I really need a place to share my goals so that someone will keep me accountable for them (whether it’s just the act of making my goals public or someone actually hounding me to get off my butt and do something about them, either one is great motivation). Proof that this might actually work: as soon as I joined the group and starting reading others’ goals at Rebecca Thorman’s blog, I scribbled 7 quick goals on my steno book and thought, “holy cow, I’ve got the goal-writing down so well that I think I need to focus on fewer goals.”

So here goes, my goals for November (albeit, a little late in the game):

1. Get out all of my holiday cards before Thanksgiving. Usually this slips my mind until a few days before Christmas and then my friends, family, and company’s clients are getting holiday cards after New Years. This is really ineffective, so I’m going to do it the right way this year!

2. Create a sitemap for the new www.promotionplus.com website in Wordpress. I have a web designer already, but she really needs me to give her some direction on what the site needs and how everything should flow. This is my first foray into Wordpress or any website creation, so this could be difficult. Wordpress.org and all of the wordpress bloggers groups are really overwhelming, so I’ll take any advice that comes my way 

3. Identify my company’s niche markets. Promotion Plus has historically worked with banks, schools, public government offices/services, and small business entrepreneurs. Now that I’m transitioning into the company I want to find the niche markets that I’m most familiar with. Hmm beer might be a good place to start ;)

4. In the spirit of GenYGivesThanks (Sharalyn Hartwell’s brainchild), share with my family how I am thankful this Thanksgiving. I am a true Gen Y and forget to thank people far too often. In fact when I was 5 I was embarrassed to say “thank you” in public and it took me many years to finally get over that and start saying “thank you” in public. This year I want Thanksgiving to mean something special.

5. Make a real dish for turkey day. Speaking of Thanksgiving… Usually I just get a can of cranberry sauce, put it in a pretty dish, and plop it on the table. I’m not a great cook, but this year with the new family dynamics (if you know me personally, you know what I’m talking about) I really want to try to be a part of every step and contribute to the feast--that I am so excited about!

6. Return the 2 books to the library that I borrowed back in July. Shameful, I know. I give in… I admit that I will never read them. I guess I’ll be donating a hefty amount to the Wake Country Public Library system this holiday season!

7. Clean my room! I start with lofty goals and slowly move to the more mundane activities of my life. The state of the cleanliness of my room reflects my attention to detail in other areas of my life, though, and I think this is important. Finally I will hang the lamp and photo organizer that I got for my birthday. Happy birthday month to me!

Alright. 1-2-3- GO!


  1. Good girl! Love your goals, really. Have I told you recently what a great inspiration you are to me? And how much I value you? And love you, sorry for the sappiness..... Well I do.
    Yes, I couldn't agree more on the room.It took me way longer than it should have to realize the state of your room, particularly whether the bed was made or not, was a direct reflection of the state of your mind. I started making my bed everyday and have never looked backed.

  2. You're hilarious, and I so love your goals. Especially number one. I fail miserably with the holiday cards every. single. year. ::sigh::

    Good luck this month!

  3. Ha, your goals are funny! It's so smart to do your holiday cards now - I've been thinking the same thing... thanks for joining in!