Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanks to people, options, and technology!

1. Thankful to have such an awesome team at work. They ROCK. And I told them that today as we all sent out our PTO/work-from-home emails to each other. I couldn't pick my small team of me + 3. I was hired and thrown into this team, and really, they couldn't be better people to work with. Such attention to detail, so responsive, open to change (flexible), team players, really.

2. Thankful for options and choice. It seems simple, but some people have fewer options than I do. I had plenty of options of cars to buy this year. I have the option of where I want to work (even if my options scare me). I have options when it comes to the grocery store I prefer to shop at (team Harris Teeter!!), the clothes I want to present myself in, the people I want to spend my time with, the relationships I choose to form, the roof I call home, how I spend my free time, and what I spend my money on. There are so many options in life. You probably make more choices in a day than you'd like to think about. Remember that it's your life. Don't let someone else choose for you!

3. Thankful for my grandmother's health. My life would be very different without her here. She really doesn't even know how important she is to me. I think a lot of elderly focus so much on their impending death. And I don't mean in a bad way. They talk about dying as if it were the best thing to happen to them. Like they will finally be able to get rid of this old body and trade in their now boring life with a more exciting one. But I'm glad grandma is still with me. She cooks me dinner every night, but also teaches me. She keeps me company and listens to my problems when nobody else has time or wants to listen. She is my business mentor and gives me crucial business know-how each day. I know I can't take these things for granted, which is why I'm very thankful that she is still in GOOD HEALTH.

4. THANK YOU mom for finally separating from dad. I'm thankful that our family has turned a traditionally horrible experience (divorce) into a lesson in personal happiness. When we are each happier as individuals, we are happier as a family. Yes, there may be some awkward moments every now and then, but who cares? We're HAPPY! :)

5. And the last one (although I could go on all day about what I'm thankful for). Apple. My iPhone. The inventor of the internet. All of the computer & software engineers out there changing the world on a daily basis. I firmly believe that I was born into the correct decade, because I am genuinely thankful for all the technologies we have today that make my life easier but also more interesting and challenging. Some may find this superficial... but I would disagree. How many times have you said "Thank god for the internet!!"?

And now I will depart my work team to make pies and listen to pandora holiday music with my sister, mom, and grandma. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :)


  1. ok, so how many times do I have to read your blog and cry? I can say I am thankful for a daughter who so brilliantly expresses her thoughts and allows us to have an intimate (though public) glimpse of your feelings and thoughts. Let's make pie!

  2. you, Ms. Sleepyhead, are a fantastic writer. I'm glad I got to read this today :)